WMATA Southeastern Bus Garage Replacement

Project Summary

Timmons Group provided site/civil engineering and construction administration services to Systra Consulting, the lead design consultant on the Hensel-Phelps design-build team for this Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority project. 

The new 250-bus maintenance facility is located on a 16-acre site in the DC Village area of Washington, DC.

The project, also known as the Shepherd Parkway Bus Facility, included a 90,000 sf transit bus garage with 27 service bays and associated administrative and welfare spaces, a separate 3-lane diesel fueling building, a 3-lane bus wash building and a parking deck with 80 at-grade, covered bus spaces and 300 automobile spaces on the 2nd floor.

In order to maximize usable area, underground manufactured BMPs were utilized.  The underground systems consisting of a cartridge filtration system protected by oil absorbent hoods that pretreats stormwater prior to being discharge into either Oxon Run in the Potomac River basin from the southern portion of the site or to the DC Water’s combined sewers that flow to the Blue Plains publicly-owned treatment works (POTW) prior to discharge into the Potomac River.

Erosive flows to Oxon Run are managed by a combination of underground storage and dry detention ponds. The industrial wastewater generated on site is pretreated for sediment, oils and greases prior to discharge into the combined sewers that flow to the Blue Plains POTW.  The energy-efficient and environmentally-responsible facility site design is a major part of facility’s quest for a LEED Silver rating.