HUD Part 58 Environmental Assessment – The Heights at Brady Square

Project Summary

Timmons Group prepared a HUD Environmental Assessment (EA) in accordance with 24 CFR Part 58 to evaluate the environmental effects associated with the proposed development of the Heights at Brady Square neighborhood. The project is being undertaken by the City of Richmond, in conjunction with Dakota Partners (the developer), and involves the phased development of 132 housing units comprised of 22 residential buildings as well as a community building and all associated roadway and utility infrastructure on the 22.7-acre campus which has historically been improved as a multifamily residential development, and which now lies vacant. The EA was begun in October 2019 with a projected completion time frame of 90 days; however, based on complications that arose during the EA process as a result of project specific Section 106 coordination, allowable noise levels, and project funding, completion of the EA slowed. Complications also arose using the HUD Environmental Review Online System (HEROS) to submit the project to the City. A hard copy was printed, and hand delivered to the City for their review. The project is currently pending review with City of Richmond.