Hampton Park

Project Summary

Voted the “Best New Neighborhood in Richmond” by Richmond Magazine and Community of the Year three times by the Home Builders Association of Richmond, Hampton Park has proven to be one of the most well-known and desirable communities in Chesterfield County. Timmons Group is proud to have provided all master planning, utility, infrastructure, road design, and environmental delineation & permitting for this established neighborhood.

Timmons Group provided all engineering services for this project including:

   ■  Subdivision design
   ■  Survey Services – from design survey to record plating
   ■  Construction Management
   ■  Sanitary sewer design – 8” to 18” diameter
   ■  Waterline design – 6” to 24” diameter
   ■  Cybernet simulation pressure analysis
   ■  Land planning – lot and road layout, recreation center
   ■  Pond design – water quality (BMPs) and water quantity
   ■  Cost estimating – for budgets, bonding and feasibility studies
   ■  Construction administration – assisted with managing construction
   ■  Storm sewer design – inlet structures and conveyance pipes
   ■  Channel design – open ditches from grass swales to concrete lined
   ■  Grading plans – reshaping the natural land
   ■  Traffic analysis – vehicle counts, flow directions
   ■  Erosion control – provide compliance with State criteria
   ■  Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act – provide compliance with State and local
   ■  Floodplain analysis – establish flood limits per storm