Sewer Inspections Made Easier with the Quickview airHD Zoom Camera

Chris Petree By: Chris Petree

For our Water/Wastewater practice, assessing sewer lines and inspecting manholes is a key part of the job. However, accessing these confined, dark, and dirty spaces is no easy task. Luckily, the technology now exists to conduct these inspections without the need for confined space entry. Allow us to introduce you to the Quickview airHD zoom camera.

The Quickview airHD is a wireless zoom camera that uses high-powered zoom optics to complete sewer assessments quicker and easier than traditional inspection methods. Sewer assessments are essential to prioritizing CCTV and maintenance activities, planning cleaning and rehab work, and meeting regulatory obligations.

Featuring adjustable camera height, wireless connection, hand-free stability, touchscreen controls, and remote centering, the device allows for easy adjustment and access to a variety of different pipes and sewer lines. The camera features Quad Haloptic configuration which uses four offset reflector/lamp pairs to circle the camera with powerful light that allows further illumination into the dark pipe.

The HD video is captured live from these inspections can be shared on multiple devices. The camera allows for tablet connection allowing the user to monitor illumination, zoom, and tilt from the device along with capturing video and images straight to the media library.

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