Civil Engineering & Planning

Timmons Group boasts over 60 years of Site Engineering and Planning experience for hundreds of projects throughout the eastern United States. We understand successful site design integrates all the technical disciplines with a comprehensive knowledge of the specific project envisioned by our client.

Because Timmons Group professionals specialize within specific market sectors, projects are always led by a seasoned professional who fully understands what will make each client’s business successful. In the preliminary phase of a project, Timmons Group personnel utilize SITEOPS, a conceptual design software that allows for a comparison of numerous site design options. This approach saves our clients valuable time in the review process, and considerable money during the construction phase: seamlessly integrating architect's design into the site plan from the very beginning; contractors know we will consider a wide variety of alternatives before specifying an approach and construction sequence; review agencies know the documents submitted by Timmons Group will consider all local, state, and federal requirements on the very first submittal; and clients know they will get the best, most efficient site designs from our team of Timmons Group professionals.

Site Engineering & Planning Services:

  • Irrigation Design/Assessment
  • Value Engineering
  • Access/Parking/Traffic
  • Environmental Permit Strategy
  • Zoning/Consultation
  • Lighting Evaluations