US Route 1/138 Intersection Improvements

Project Summary

Roadway improvements were completed in the Town of South Hill along US Route 1 (Mecklenburg Avenue) at the intersection of Route 138 (Union Mill Road) and Tunstall Drive to realign Tunstall Drive. The project also constructed turn lane improvements along US Route 1 and installed a new traffic signal at the intersection. The project consisted of approximately 0.22 miles of road widening along existing US Route 1 (N. Mecklenburg Ave), fully within the limits of the Town of South Hill. Utility relocations were required due to horizontal and vertical conflicts with the proposed design – including waterline, gas lines, power poles, and telecommunications adjustments.

The intersection enhancements were crucial to improve the safety and operational efficiency of the US Route 1 corridor. The project was motivated by traffic growth due to the newly completed VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital facility and the 1.5 million square feet of developable land in the 138-acre Hillcrest Industrial Park just south on Tunstall Drive. The civil engineering site work of the hospital facility, which opened in 2017, was also completed by Timmons Group.

Timmons Group’s traffic engineers designed the improvements to shift Tunstall Drive east approximately 25 feet to align the entire intersection. The realignment of Tunstall Drive and the addition of a traffic signal will increase safety for drivers and operational efficiency while navigating the intersection.  The intersection was designed with larger, heavy vehicles in mind, given the existing commercial uses along Route 138 and the proposed economic development site on Tunstall Drive.

The finished road design included turn lane design, US Route 1 corridor redesign, and a new traffic signal at the intersection. Timmons Group also provided survey, environmental, geotechnical services and construction administration for the project.