Three Chopt Road Bridge at Route 288

Project Summary

Timmons Group conducted a feasibility study for an underpass at Route 288 to connect two sections of Three Chopt Road that were bisected by the construction of Route 288.  The development of this section of Goochland County is hindered by access and this proposed structure will allow for the development to occur. 

The bridge design was complicated by maintenance of traffic constraints on Route 288.  This complication was mitigated by a design that could be constructed with only two traffic shifts.  Limiting the number of traffic shifts also reduced the overall projected cost of the project.

The significant grade difference between the two existing sides of Route 288 posed another challenge. The design allowed for the lowering of the existing grade on the east side by approximately 10 feet to allow for the requested 16’-6” clearance.  The length of retaining walls was minimized to control the overall cost of the project.

Timmons Group prepared plans and a report of the findings for this work.  A detailed cost estimate was provided as part of the report.