Social Security Administration National Support Center

Project Summary

Situated atop a naturally pastoral landscape, the Social Security Administration Data Center blends seamlessly into the surrounding site. With preservation and restoration of natural vegetation as a priority to heal the site, tall and short meadow grass mixes integrate the built and natural foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hedge rows reinforce building geometry and shade parking reduces heat island effect. Replication of native woodlands and forests enhance the natural aesthetics of the on-site low impact storm water features and shroud the site from the adjoining highway and commerce center.

The on-site stormwater management satisfies the FDE recharge and water quality requirements through the usage of micro-bioretention, bio-swales, permeable pavement, and grassed swales. Roof runoff is being collected and stored within an underground cistern to supplement the cooling tower. Water is also being collected from other portions of the building to irrigate the landscape. The wide range of native and adaptive species creates a bio- diverse landscape that will support wildlife, decrease the risk of widespread plant disease, and provide seasonal interest throughout the year.