Robious Road Widening: Robious Forest Way to Chesterfield / Powhatan County Line

Project Summary

Timmons Group designed and managed the construction of approximately 4,000 feet of widening of Robious Road from two to four lanes between the Powhatan/Chesterfield County line and James River High School.  The project included the design of left and right turn lanes, bike lanes, sidewalks, and associated storm-sewer.  In addition to these items, the project replaced a triple-line box culvert, requiring a complex plan to manage traffic during construction.

The project included significant utility design and an extensive private-utility coordination effort.  The following private utilities were relocated or modified to some extent: TransCanada 18-inch high-pressure gas, Columbia 4-inch gas and laterals, Verizon Business, Verizon Communications, Comcast, Lumos, and Dominion Energy.  This was in addition to the design of 1,250 feet of 8-inch water line and 300 feet of 27-inch sanitary sewer.

A traffic signal was installed at the intersection of Robious Road and Riverdowns Drive, while the intersection of Robious Road and Lenox Forest Drive / Kings Farm Drive was converted from full access to left-in and right-out, only.  This was done to satisfy VDOT access management requirements.

While this project underwent survey and preliminary design, VDOT simultaneously developed construction plans for the widening of Robious Road from the Powhatan/Chesterfield County line to Route 288, to the west.  Timmons Group and Chesterfield County actively coordinated with the VDOT project managers to ensure a seamless transition between the two projects.  The two projects met at the intersection of Robious Road and Derby Ridge Way, just east of the Powhatan/Chesterfield County line.  Construction for the two projects was completed within 1 week of each other, despite having started the design process more than a year apart.