Pope Transmission Lines

Project Summary

Timmons Group provided design services to replace the existing 20” and 16” water transmission mains that served as the primary water source to Pope Army Airfield and the northern portion of Fort Bragg. A field investigation performed by Timmons Group concluded the existing mains were located in a wetlands area adjacent to the airfield. Based on this finding, the design-build team replaced the two separate transmission mains using a single 24” DIP main, approximately 8,600 feet in length, routed around the wetlands. The main then split into a 20” DIP main (approximately 6,050 LF) and a 16” PVC main (approximately 5,115 LF) to tie into the Fort Bragg water system. Total water main designed for the project was approximately 22,100 LF, including the 12-inch and 8-inch lateral mains to connect to the existing distribution system.  A detailed base-wide distribution model was used to ensure the hydraulic performance of the new supply concept would not adversely affect distribution system performance. The model included hundreds of miles of distribution piping, two pressure zones, five elevated storage tanks.