National Museum of the American Indian

Project Summary

According to the Smithsonian Institution, The National Museum of the American Indian has all been designed in collaboration with tribes and communities from across the hemisphere. It features sweeping curvilinear architecture, indigenous landscaping, and exhibitions, to give visitors from around the world the sense and spirit of Native America.

Timmons Group provided locations and elevations for the water feature outside of the National Museum of the American Indian. The features had pools and irregularly shaped weirs walls that needed to be mapped in order to fabricate a waterproof liner to stop the pools from leaking.

Timmons Group performed thirteen individual scans using a Leica laser scanner across the site ensuring good coverage. By utilizing Leica Cyclone software we unified and registered the thirteen individual scans into a working model that inserted into our design software.Timmons Group then provided the client a drawing that included the locations of ten weir walls, their elevations, the locations and sizes of the drains and the water features for the pools.