Lakewood Manor

Project Summary

Lakewood Manor is a mature Life Care community located on 128 woodland acres in far western Henrico County, Virginia.  The facility is owned and operated by Virginia Baptist Homes, Inc. (VBH).  Environmental areas bound the existing Lakewood Manor site on three sides.  Copperas Creek, on the west side of the site, has wetlands and floodplains adjacent to the stream.  The floodplain of Tuckahoe Creek bounds the south side of the site and an unnamed stream flowing into Tuckahoe Creek bounds the east side of the site.  All of these environmentally sensitive areas have been delineated and confirmed with the appropriate federal, state and local agencies by Timmons Group. Lauderdale Drive bounds the north side of the site

The Campus is presently centered on approximately 100,000 square foot Health Care/Community Center.  The Health Care portion of the building provides both private health care rooms and assisted living units.  The Community Center houses the dining room / kitchen, administrative staff, health center, library, gift shop, recreation area and other services which are fully accessible to all the residents. There are also five, three-story, 50-unit independent living buildings surrounding the Health Care / Community Center.  All these buildings are located inside a loop road which encompasses the entire community, giving the community a campus feel.  All buildings have been nestled into the existing topography and sited for minimal impact on the surrounding property. Residents feel at home as they stroll along the walking trails or work in the community gardens. 

Recently, Timmons Group assisted in the successful completion of a conditional rezoning case and a provisional use permit.  Simultaneously, a traffic study was done and stormwater management options were assessed for future development on site.  The traffic study led to the construction of a new entrance road to the community from the intersection of John Rolfe Parkway and Lauderdale Drive.   The new entry gives a natural transition into the community and acts as a buffer to traffic on Lauderdale Drive, completing the continuous buffer that now encircles Lakewood Manor from adjacent properties.