Bottoms Bridge Wastewater Pump Station

Project Summary

Timmons Group provided design, bid and construction administration services for the Bottoms Bridge Wastewater Pump Station, which was a part of the East Area Utilities Project. This included the design for a wet well/dry well pump station of approximately 2.5 MGD ultimate capacity in Henrico County’s Bottoms Bridge service area. The station will initially serve the East Area Middle School which will generate flows considerably less than the stations ultimate capacity, and will ultimately serve over 1,500 acres of mixed uses. The configuration of the station allows, through variable frequency drives, the operation of the station at low initial flows while not requiring upgrades to meet larger future flows. The facility features two 125 horsepower submersible dry pit pumps, a channel grinder, trench style wet well with ogee ramp, bridge crane for pump removal, 500 kilowatt emergency power generator, liquid phase odor control system and climate controlled SCADA room.