It’s Only Natural: Office Plant Appreciation Day!

Lillian Minix By: Lillian Minix

Today is International Plant Appreciation Day, and being the plant lovers that we are, a few of us here at Timmons Group felt compelled to celebrate by showing off our office plants.

Introducing: International Office Plant Appreciation Day!

Now, it makes sense that we’re plant-friendly here. Between services that we offer like landscape architecture, sustainable and LEED-certified engineering, environmental engineering, and stream restoration (among others), the kinds of people that we harbor here pretty invested in nature.

Plants are good for air quality, healthy office vibes, and the soul, so it’s only natural (pun intended) that we keep a few around. While scoping out the greenery in our colleagues’ workspaces, we discovered that there are quite a few Timmons Group plant parents across our offices!

Our Recruitment Manager Courtney Cooper’s snake plant, pothos, and dracaena palm soak up the sun in her east-facing office in Richmond.


Charlotte-based Landscape Architecture Project Manager Jason Dolan’s potted friend boasts Mountaineer pride.


Faux plants bring just as much green to a space as their live counterparts and can be easier to manage for those on the go like Jen Weaver, our Business Development Manager in Charlotte.


Our graphic design and video editing guru Kayla Baldino simulates jungle vibes in her bright and open Boulders office space with string of pearls, philodendron brasil, succulents, and a rooting monstera.


Land Development project engineer Julian Hegemann flaunts a healthy-looking plant trio in his Charlotte workspace.


This friendly inchplant-filled alpaca sits comfortably on the desk of our Raleigh-based marketing manager, Trang Vu.


 These gorgeous green beauties have made their home in the open wide office space of our Raleigh branch.


Our Richmond-based plant whiz Sean Abernathie also tends to his greenhouse at home when he’s not caring for his office plants.


Whether their plants are sunbathing in the windowsill or perched on a filing cabinet, these plants are loved by all and brighten the workspaces of our employees every day!