Our Mission

To achieve unparalleled understanding of our clients, their businesses and their visions resulting in unrivaled customer service and shared success.

About Us

Recognized for over 25 years as one of Engineering News Record’s top 500 design firms, Timmons Group provides civil engineering, structural, environmental, electrical, geotechnical, GIS/ geospatial technology, landscape architecture and surveying services to a diverse client base.

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Our Values


We understand that the success of our clients requires that we finish strong. We will exercise tremendous discipline in seeing it all the way through. The discipline of customer service will permeate our organization.


We will value the philosophy of our firm as conceived by its founders. Through strength of character and quality of action we will enrich our organization and the success of future generations will be built on our legacy.

Life Balance

While fully recognizing that the pursuit of our mission will often place extreme demands on our time and energy, we will promote a healthy balance between our work and commitment to family, faith and community.


We will set aside individual interests for the interests of the clients and communities that we serve. We will look beyond short-term personal interests in deference to the long-term best interests of our organization. We will stretch across organizational lines to bring the resources of the firm at large to bear on the challenges entrusted to us by our clients.

Institutional Knowledge

We will possess unrivaled technical knowledge and skills and an unmatched intimacy with our clients. Our competencies will permeate our organization through focused teaching and learning.


We will be good stewards of the trust placed in us by the clients and the communities that we serve. We will consistently delight in doing the right thing and seek to do business with those who share our values.