Virginia Capital Trail - Park Phase

Project Summary

Timmons Group worked with VDOT on the completion of the 52-mile Virginia Capital Trail, a shared-use path between Richmond and Williamsburg that connects the Commonwealth’s past and present. The project comprises eight phases; Timmons Group provided engineering and construction support services as part of a design-build team completing a 3.5-mile segment of the 8 to 10-foot wide trail through Henrico County near the I-295/Route 5 interchange. Our transportation project management was responsible for overseeing all design requirements under VDOT’s Design-Build guidelines. Our services included:

  • Complete right-of-way and construction plans
  • Horizontal and vertical layout of the trail
  • Coordinating with VDOT on a Design Waiver for maximum-grade issues
  • Pre- and post-stormwater management and drainage design
  • Hydrology & hydraulics (including scour) analyses for six (6) bridge locations
  • Erosion & sediment control plans Traffic management, sign and pavement marking plans
  • Utility conflict identification and resolution
  • Coordination with Henrico County Parks and Recreation and other property owners
  • Environmental permitting services, including:
    • Perennial stream assessments and RPA determinations
    • Endangered and threatened species surveys
    • Virginia Water Protection (VWP) permitting and compliance monitoring
    • Spill Prevention Control and Contamination (SPCC) plan preparation
    • Water Quality Impact Assessment (WQIA) for RPA impacts

This segment of the trail passes through Dorey and Four Mile Creek Parks and a residential community, under I-295, and across creeks, thus requiring six bridges and coordination with several property owners. The design of the Park Phase achieves a number of client objectives, including the following:

  • Ensuring a safe and scenic off-road experience for visitors to the trail, with parking, amenities, and appropriate crossings
  • Connecting the trail successfully to other completed portions of the route, as well as existing transportation routes in the two county parks
  • Coordination with Henrico County Parks and Recreation and other property owners