Three Creek WWTP Biosolids Facility

Project Summary

Greensville County Water and Sewer Authority (GCWSA) was in need of increased solids processing capacity for the Three Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. An evaluation of current operations (sludge drying beds to prepare sludge for landfilling at different locations) concluded that one facility could cost effectively manage all biosolids in the County. This resulted in the early development and construction of a solids dewatering facility at the Three Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) to minimize transport. Timmons Group, under contract with the GCWSA to design a WWTP upgrade from 0.75 to 2.0 MGD, was tasked as a separate project to develop construction documents and assist with the installation of a centrifuge solids dewatering facility.  The centrifuge, which processes digested sludge at a rate of 140 gallons per minute, produces up to 1,400 pounds of dewatered cake per hour.  At this rate, the centrifuge will be capable of maintaining adequate solids dewatering during potential future plant expansions (up to 3 MGD). Timmons provided needs and process evaluation, facility design, construction documents, and bid period and construction monitoring assistance during project execution.

Additionally, a wide range of operator management services were provided for the biosolids facility. Timmons Group worked in conjunction with the client’s operators to review specific solids dewatering equipment and worked with both the equipment vendor and client during the startup process to ensure a smooth transition. This included extensive training provided for GCWSA’s staff on the operation and maintenance of newly installed equipment.

Project Highlights

  • Cost effective solution determination
  • Construction monitoring assistance
  • Integration into future WWTP upgraded Capacity design
  • Operator start-up services
  • Operator training services