South Trunk Force Main Replacement

Project Summary

In association with AECOM, Timmons Group was selected by HRSD to design a replacement of force mains with aging infrastructure along highly traveled roadways located in downtown Norfolk. The project involved replacing the existing 36” and 24” aging force mains with 2,000 lf of 16” diameter and 5,000 lf of 36” diameter sanitary force main. The project routes are located in the downtown area of the City of Norfolk which has been urbanized for over 100 years. All existing force mains are required to remain in service, once construction takes place.

Project Challenges

• Locating route alignments which minimize impacts to business operations and conflicts with existing utilities
• Developing Maintenance of Traffic Plans (MOT) in conjunction with signal timing modifications to minimize peak hour traffic congestion due to construction
• Securing City agreements for all alignment locations, construction processes related to phasing, lane closings and construction periods
• Determination of environmental impacts relating to the discharge of groundwater to storm sewers and any additional treatments that may be required
• Connections to existing active force mains with pump around procedures, as well as live taps
• Public Involvement with the City and affected local businesses