Richmond International Airport

Project Summary

Timmons Group has provided Landside Civil Engineering services to the Richmond International Airport (RIC) since 2007. Services that have been provided by Timmons Group, include:

• Site plan design
• Traffic studies
• Field surveying
• Environmental & wetlands services
• Transportation design
• Re-zoning assistance
• Database management services 

Projects completed to-date include construction plans for:

• Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Stations,
• Economy Lot B Construction,
• Runway Obstruction Removal, and
• Design & implementation of a Document Management System.

Below are project scope summaries from some of the recent RIC projects:

Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Stations

The Commission launched an initiative to convert their shuttle bus fleet to CNG vehicles instead of diesel fuel vehicles, and required two CNG fueling stations to service the new fleet.  Timmons Group provided turnkey design services through our term contract to facilitate construction of the first CNG station.  Services included full construction documents including civil plans, MEP plans, architectural plans, landscape plans, bid documents/process, construction administration, and local review and approval process with Henrico County.  The new fleet was put into service in the summer of 2013.

Economy Parking Lot B Construction

The Commission wanted to expand and renovate their Satellite Lot B surface parking facility.  This involved demolition of an obsolete warehouse building, construction of approximately 25 AC of new surface parking, installation of new canopy, ticketing systems, underground detention systems, landscaping, and site lighting.  Timmons Group provided full construction documents including civil site plans, site electrical design, underground stormwater detention design, canopy design, parking/ticketing systems, survey, environmental, geotechnical studies, bidding documents/process, construction administration, local review process with Henrico County.

Runway Obstruction Removal

The Commission regularly maintains the approach paths to their runways.  As part of that maintenance, clearing of trees is routinely implemented.  Timmons Group provided full bidding and construction documents for clearing of the runway approach paths, wetland delineation, field surveying, and bid documents and administration of the bid process.  Local plan reviews with Henrico County were also performed.

Document Management System

The Commission engaged Timmons Group to assist in the design, development, and implementation of a document management system for tabular and spatial data.  The project goals included; providing faster access to information, reducing data loss risk, and beginning the establishment of an organizational knowledgebase for facility data. Prior to implementation of the system the Commission used a manual process to store and access paper and digital drawings, documents, manuals, and plans containing data about the facility and physical plant design and as-built information. The solution implemented allowed Commission personnel to easily store and access documents to support business applications including: facilities maintenance, work management, planning, facility mapping, and security operations.