Morgan Farm

Project Summary

Timmons Group provided civil engineering services for the new Morgan Farm residential community. Planned for 29 homesites, the 26-acre development is located in the fast-growing area of northern Harnett County.
The development connects directly to the County’s 36-inch transmission main that conveys water from the County’s Regional Water Treatment Plant to the Wake County clearwell. Coordinating closely with HCDPU staff to determine anticipated pressures at the point of connection, Timmons Group developed a detailed hydraulic model of the proposed water system. Using the model to find a balance between adequate household pressures and excessive system pressures, Timmons Group was able to determine the optimal settings for a necessary pressure reducing valve to serve the subdivision. A detailed hydraulic analysis for multiple demand scenarios, including available fire flows, was provided to HCDPU.
In addition, an overall layout plan, roadway plan, sediment and erosion control plan, and off-site roadway improvement plans were also prepared by Timmons Group.
Our team also submitted and received the following permits:

  • Erosion Control/Grading Permit Approval by NCDENR
  • Water Extension Utility Permitting by PWSS
  • NCDOT Driveway Permit and Encroachment Agreements for Utilities and Roadway Improvements