Lumber Liquidators Distribution Center

Project Summary

The new one-million square-foot distribution center is currently being constructed in eastern Henrico County, Virginia, close to Richmond International Airport.  Timmons Group provided geotechnical and construction materials testing (CMT) services.  Geotechnical services included performance of soil borings and laboratory testing throughout the 100-acre site.  Project challenges included presence of very soft surface soils and soils with high moisture content.  Timmons Group prepared a geotechnical report provided grading and building foundation recommendations, with a focus on anticipated grading challenges.

Timmons Group provided full-time CMT services, typically working seven days a week for an entire year.  Our services included soil density testing, observation of lime and cement modification for drying soils, proof rolling, foundation evaluations, verifying reinforcing steel, testing for pond soil liners, and observation of steel construction.  As anticipated, grading was difficult due to soft near-surface soils and their high moisture content.  Extensive use of lime modification was required to dry soils for their reuse.