Jefferson Davis Corridor Enhancement

Project Summary

Timmons Group is working with the Community Revitalization staff of the Chesterfield County Economic Development Department to improve a critical 2.5 miles of Historic Route 1. This project will revitalize the corridor creating multiple arrival and departure areas through the use of signage and plantings along with improvements to vehicular access management and safe pedestrian passage. The pedestrian is the essential element in this design considering the blend of residential and commercial establishments. Historical significance is expressed through palettes of regionally selected plantings, historical signage, and site furnishings reflecting the area’s impressive culture.

The enhanced corridor will embrace the pedestrian experience integrating gathering spaces and educational features while serving the civic need. Universally accessible sidewalks buffered from vehicular traffic will lead to plazas incorporating innovative infiltration trenches used for water quality improvement and management as well as exposing the pedestrian to modern storm-water treatment strategies.  Once complete, Historic Route 1 modernized will enhance the quality of life for this proud community.

The development of conceptual plans will include:

  • Identifying site constraints (right of way, utilities, environmental features)
  • Preliminary landscaping, sidewalk, lighting and signage design elements
  • Finalizing typical sections for the various corridor segments
  • Assessing potential drainage and stormwater management improvements
  • Evaluating intersections, driveways, entrances and access management opportunities