James Madison University Newman Lake Dam

Project Summary

Newman Lake Dam is owned and maintained by James Madison University and is used as a recreational facility. Timmons Group was contracted by James Madison University to perform the work needed to prepare a detailed failure analysis for the dam in accordance with the Virginia Impounding Structure Regulation requirements. Our services included the tasks to perform a detailed hydrologic analysis for the watershed draining to the dam and to a point approximately two miles downstream of the dam. A detailed dam failure analysis was completed, utilizing HEC-RAS was prepared to route the non-breach and breach storm events through the downstream inundation area. The dam was determined to be a High Hazard structure and Timmons Group was contracted by the owner to perform an alternatives analysis to look at renovation options that would bring the dam into compliance with the Impounding Structure Regulation requirements. The required Dam Safety inspection and certification forms were prepared for the dam. All information was submitted to the Division of Dam Safety in order to obtain an updated classification for the dam in accordance with the September 2008 Impounding Structure Regulation requirements.