Making a Splash: Lake Monticello Pool

Leslee Oliver By: Leslee Oliver

Our designers at Timmons Group are highly skilled in creating innovative amenity spaces that stand out in a competitive market. They understand not only the design of physical amenities, but also how to create a space that promotes authentic social connections that maintain resident interest. Their design philosophy for multi-family projects is founded on a rigorous schematic design process that extracts our client’s vision and reveals it through a series of concepts, sketches, and models in complete concert with the architecture of the building. We hope you will follow along during this summer series to see how we are making a splash through our award-winning amenity design spaces.

We’re taking a break from our multi-family portfolio this week to feature a stunning pool design for the Lake Monticello residential community in Fluvanna County, Virginia.

This swimming pool, completed in 2019, serves residents and guests as a feature amenity. Our landscape architecture team worked with the Owner’s Association staff and Board of Directors to envision and design a multifunctional pool complex to replace an aging pool that had reached the end of its lifespan.

In addition to landscape architecture, this project utilized multiple Timmons Group services including, civil engineering, structural engineering, and surveying. The pool complex includes an expanded pool and pool deck, a renovation and addition to the existing pool equipment building, and site landscaping and lighting.

To meet the project goal of providing an accessible pool for all patrons, we integrated the kiddie pool into the main pool and designed a beach entry with an accessible ramp.

In a community known for its numerous outstanding amenities, the new pool at Lake Monticello has become one of its most popular attractions.

And we can certainly see why. Just look at that view.