Giving Tuesday, Everyday

Brandon Franklin By: Brandon Franklin

Giving Tuesday, Everyday

“Saving one pet won't change the world, but for that one pet, their world will be forever changed.”

If a single person can create a world of change, imagine the possibilities a united community may deliver to those who can’t help themselves. #GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement that unleashes the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. The annual virtual event aims to bring those transformations to fruition.

For local organizations like Goochland Pet Lovers and the animals in their care, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, known as #GivingTuesday, is a day of hope.

When you donate to Goochland Pet Lovers you are providing pet related programs and initiatives specific to the Goochland Community. Your donation helps provide the very best medical treatment including: spaying and neutering, supplying up-to-date shots, and additional necessary treatments to ensure an animal's adoptability.


Donations can be as effortless as designating Goochland Pet Lovers as your AmazonSmile beneficiary!

In addition, donations help in the purchasing of commonplace goods like waste scoopers or more specialized medications like flea treatments.

• Flea treatment and prevention (Bayer Advantage)
• The best food for the young kittens we get into the shelter and for mom cats that are nursing
• Wet/Dry Dog/Cat food
• Toys
• Litter + Supplies

See a full list of items requested by Goochland Pet Lovers on Amazon, here!

Whether giving time, effort or financial aid, every contribution makes a meaningful and lasting impact on the animals and your community.
You will be providing not just basic care, but exceptional care.

“This modern facility is a shining example of county and community collaboration that will benefit Goochland County for many years to come.” –  County Administrator John A. Budesky

It is because of the generosity of communities like ours that Goochland Animal Lovers was capable of funding the construction of a new 14,000ft² square foot state of the art shelter, located at 1900 Hidden Rock Ln, Maidens, VA 23102. Built on the site of the former 2,000ft²  square foot shelter, the new facility incorporates a municipal animal shelter, a ‘meet-and-greet’ adoption center, and an in house spay/neuter clinic.

“Generosity and charity are the engines that drive change forward.”

The previous shelter, 30 years old, overcrowded and under-ventilated, fell short of the “guidelines of care” for public animal shelters as prescribed by the Virginia State Veterinarian. Volunteers and staff oftentimes found themselves working in spaces with strong odors, only made stronger by a lack of adequate HVAC resources.

The new facility boasts a dizzying array of features designed to help make life easier on both shelter pets and the many volunteers who help care for them while they await adoption. Among them are:
• Large kennels designed to allow for easy cleaning. 
• Hoses in each room that help staff and volunteers clean the facility more efficiently.
• An industrial washer and dryer that cut down on the time spent washing towels and other items.
• Plenty of storage for donated food and supplies.
• Well-lit, spacious medical facilities for caring for injured animals, as well as for spaying and neutering.
• “Meet and Greet” rooms where potential adopters could meet with individual animals.
• Dedicated offices for staff, and meeting rooms for volunteers.
• Large, grassy, fenced off areas for animals to run and spend time with volunteers.

Approximately 400 domestic animals are housed at the Animal Shelter each year and the County currently maintains a policy where no animal is euthanized based solely on space limitations. Of the 400 animals received per year, 240 are cats, 168 are dogs.

"The Goochland County Animal Protection staff and I are excited to get to work in our new facility. The new shelter provides a safe environment for lost pets and gives visitors a comfortable and inviting atmosphere to view adoptable pets. Thank you to all involved that made this collaborative project a success." – Tim Clough, Animal Protection Director

When Goochland County began dreaming of the new shelter, they sought a civil engineering firm that would not only answer the needs of the new structure, but one that would also be considerate to the community and the very land itself.
Recognizing the need to integrate economic, environmental, and social responsibility into each design project, Timmons Group responded to their call with a team of LEED Accredited engineers, designers, and professionals—all committed to developing solutions that combine sustainability and efficiency.
With excellence in applying this philosophically-driven approach in this challenging economy, alongside proven experience with and knowledge of the Comprehensive Animal Care laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Timmons Group was the natural choice to lay the groundwork for the new facility.

Henrico County Animal Shelter, Henrico, VA

Timmons Group provided survey, site engineering, landscape architecture, and construction administration for a new animal shelter building and relocation of the existing police impound vehicle lot. The animal shelter building includes kennel facilities, administration areas for staff and future veterinarian services, covered external work area, and external livestock shelter (24' x 26'), and utility infrastructure.

Timmons Group has an extensive history providing services to Goochland County. Some of these projects include:

  • Goochland Elementary School Addition
  • Goochland Middle School
  • Goochland Maintenance Facility
  • Goochland Water System Modeling
  • Byrd Elementary School Addition
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • Fire Rescue Station – Company 6
  • JSRCC Western Campus
  • Luck Stone Industrial Building

Throughout the year, Goochland Pet Lovers has continued to raise funds for many things such as medical care, education, community engagement, and training for the Goochland County’s animal protection department. In addition, Goochland Pet Lovers is initiating programs in the community and partnering with many organizations and businesses in Goochland and surrounding counties to provide education and awareness.

While the facility is open, due to the ongoing pandemic, the county encourages the community to view the virtual grand opening and 360 walkthrough tours here.

We have the power and the passion to transform our communities. By lending our voices to advocate for the causes and issues we care about, we can all be activists who bring about the kind of change that makes our world a better place.

Although volunteering is currently restricted due to COVID-19, you can still provide support by using your talents, platform, and voice to spread the mission of Goochland Pet Lovers. Every act of generosity counts and everyone has something to give.


Identify your gifts, pick a cause that gets you fired up, and give back - not just for Giving Tuesday on December 1, 2020, but every day.