Downloadable Walking Route: Church Hill, Richmond, VA

Bonnie Dunkel By: Bonnie Dunkel

The purpose of this walking route series is to provide our community with the resources to simply get outside and explore unique areas and neighborhoods.  With park closures and playground closures occurring due to safety precautions, there are still plenty of entertaining walking routes within our Cities that incorporate nature, stunning architecture, historic monuments and scenic blooms.

Spring is here and so is World Landscape Architecture Month, making it the perfect time to get out and enjoy the blooming flowers and budding trees. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing some of our personal favorite walking routes in multiple cities for you to use on your next walk. First up, the Church Hill route in the City of Richmond. This route explores the historic parks and scenic streets of Richmond’s Church Hill neighborhood. I hope you enjoy!

Where Should I Park?
We’ll begin our walk at Libby Hill Park’s entrance located on E. Franklin Street. There is an abundance of street parking along Franklin St., so park here and head into the park.

Stop 1. Libby Hill Park

Begin your walk at one of Richmond’s three original parks: Libby Hill Park. Libby Hill Park overlooks Richmond’s downtown skyline and has sweeping views of the James River. This park also features several sets of steep stairs, making it a great location for outdoor exercise.

Stop 2. Chimborazo Park

Continue your walk through Church Hill and enjoy the historic homes that line the street heading toward Chimborazo Park. This 30-acre park is home to the National Battlefield Park headquarters and offers views of Rocketts Landing and Stone Brewing’s East Coast Facility (both Timmons Group projects).

Stop 3. Patrick Henry Park

From there, head down Broad Street through the heart of Church Hill until you arrive at Patrick Henry Park. This small park memorializes the spot where Patrick Henry gave his famous “Liberty or Death” speech in 1775. Stop for a moment to read the large monument engraved with the speech before heading to our final destination.

Stop 4. Jefferson Park

Getting tired yet? The final stop on this route is Jefferson Park. Located at the corner of North 21st Street and East Marshall Street, Jefferson Park offers a stunning panoramic view of Richmond’s skyline. Enjoy one of the many walking paths in the park before heading back to our starting point at Libby Hill!

If you’d like to enjoy this route for your next walk, feel free to click the download button below to save an image of the route to your phone to use as a guide!