Downloadable Walking Route: Animals in The Fan, Richmond, VA

Chris Johnson By: Chris Johnson

The purpose of this walking route series is to provide our community with the resources to simply get outside and explore unique areas and neighborhoods. This series stemmed from park closures and playground closures occurring due to COVID-19 safety precautions, and we wanted to provide entertaining walking routes within our Cities that incorporate nature, stunning architecture, historic monuments, and scenic blooms.

This route is a fun one! It’s entertaining for kids, a great option for walking OR biking, and is located in one of Richmond’s most historic, scenic neighborhoods: The Fan. The theme of this route? Animals. That’s right. Richmond has a number of animals and fun sculptures sprinkled throughout our City and we wanted to feature them for our last downloadable walking route.

We recommend finding on street parking and starting this route at the corner of Main Street and Robinson Street where you can find Richmond’s polar bear. There are plenty of restaurant options nearby so be sure to support a local business before or after your animal seeking adventure. The polar bear is even doing its part by wearing a mask.

The remainder of the route takes you past Alan the raptor, who is also wearing a mask, a giraffe, a potato head family, and colorful fish. We wanted you to find joy in being able to spot them yourself so our photos below are just to show off how scenic the route is.


If you’d like to enjoy this route for your next walk, feel free to click the download button below to save an image of the route to your phone to use as a guide! We hope you find it fun and entertaining! Be sure to tag us on social media @timmonsgroup if you spot the animals. We’d love to celebrate with you.