Celebrating Women in Construction with Malee Garcia

Malee Garcia By: Malee Garcia

Happy Women’s History Month! My name is Malee Garcia and I am a Project Engineer in our Raleigh office working on projects ranging from North Carolina National Guard readiness centers to athletic fields for park and recreation departments. Speaking of athletic fields, during our Women in Construction Week celebration on Monday, March 8, I had the opportunity to walk the construction site of a really cool project that Timmons Group designed in for the City of Durham — Hoover Road Athletic Park.

That day, as I was with many other talented women in engineering and construction fields, a thought popped into my head. Many years ago, there weren’t many women that could be on construction sites, let alone work on one. The A/E/C industry has evolved tremendously with women in all phases and roles of projects. Whether it is contributing to or leading projects, we are excited to be a part of the ever-changing A/E/C landscape (pun intended!).

My role in the Hoover Road Athletic Park project was providing road design assistance. I felt a sense of pride in my work as we all walked the site and the Project Managers and staff discussed visions for the future park and the design challenges and solutions of the project. I thought to myself, I helped bring a brand new 5-acre recreation park to this community. People will be enjoying my work for years to come.

To me, that is what makes my work so fulfilling — knowing that what I contribute to projects today will mean decades of joy and fulfillment for those in the communities around me. That’s why I love what I do and am proud to be a Women in Engineering and Construction!