Celebrating Earth Day: Charlotte’s Adopt a Stream 2021

Lillian Minix By: Lillian Minix

Spring: It’s the time of year that warrants particular emphasis on the Earth and our natural resources. The grass is becoming greener, leaves and flower buds are growing into their existence on trees, people are *safely* enjoying walks through parks, and the air is mulch-scented as garden beds are being prepared.

April is a month-long observance for many conservation-focused celebrations: Keep America Beautiful Month; Landscape Architecture Month; Lawn and Garden Month; Take a Walk Day (April 8); International Plant Appreciation Day (April 13); Earth Day (April 22); Arbor Day (April 30).

One of the world’s most recognized April-based celebrations is Earth Day. Earth Day is an official world holiday and even has its own respective nonprofit organization. The organization’s mission is to diversify, educate, and activate the environmental movement worldwide, a goal that Timmons Group has also identified with throughout the years via the variety of services we offer.

At Timmons Group, we celebrate Earth Day in a slew of ways, but of our most notable contributions to the holiday are our annual Adopt a Stream events. Each of our offices hosts its own cleanup event at a locally 'adopted' stream and invites staff, close friends, and family to join.

Our Charlotte office got a head start with this year’s cleanup events by hosting a group of dedicated environmentalist employees at Brier Creek. On Wednesday, April 13, staff were provided with vests, gloves, graspers, and highwater boots to trudge through the stream in search of non-natural items that shouldn’t be in the riverbank. The group managed to remove several golf balls, two credit cards, a traffic cone, a guard rail, and other trash from the creek.

Employees from all departments in the Timmons Group family look forward to this event year after year. Timmons Group promotes the wellbeing of the planet through every day services that we offer like stream restoration, renewable energy engineering, and stormwater management, but at the end of the day, taking care of our local environments isn’t just what we do — It’s who we are!