Virginia DEQ GIS Strategic Planning

Project Summary

Timmons Group is currently working with the Virgnia DEQ to better understand their current issues and areas most in need of process management and to develop effective strategies for process improvement. DEQ has regulatory and permitting responsibility for all Air, Water and Land-based activities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This is a complicated business - always with room for increased collaboration and communication. Timmons Group, to achieve the project goals, visited all seven DEQ regions engaging stakeholders at all levels. Included in these sessions were upper management and regional directors as well as field staff. Interviews were completed helping to eliminate common issues and areas in need of the most improvement. Issues were ranked and assigned to specific implementation strategies to remediate and/or improve upon current issues. As part of the Strategic RoadMap, we also looked beyond the current issues to create a “vision” for improved processes and more efficient workflows, communication and collaboration.