Project Summary

Timmons Group partnered with the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) on the development of three unique web applications.

The First application was for a web browser tool that NDOT can use to validate the HPMS data before submitted to the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration. Timmons Group designed a web browser tool that contains a set of scripts (using .NET and SQL). The tool / scripts allows NDOT to execute any number of data validation checks against their HPMS data to secure it’s validity before submission.

The Second application was created due to a Federal requirement of the All Roads Network of Linear-Referenced Data (ARNOLD) in August 2012. Because of this, NDOT Roadway System (RWS) staff started working on a Linear Referencing System (LRS) for public roads in the HPMS Route Layer about 2 years ago. Since that time the geometry and route names have changed and the HPMS route layer does not incorporate these changes. This causes inconsistencies in event data. Timmons Group was tasked to design and develop a "purpose built tool" in Esri that would allow multiple changes of the same type to update multiple event table records and save RWS several man hours. Today, these changes are done to a single event record multiple times by RWS staff. With 75 tables of data, the existence of a tool to make multiple event record changes would create a multitude of efficiencies in the entire HPMS submittal process.

The Third application was a GIS Viewer for easy and intuitive access HMPS data. The viewer will be built to allow the user to search for a route by LRM, county, route name, and milepost(s). The user will be have the option to click on route segments and view the corresponding HPMS data available that is associated to that route. This increases the efficiency of searching.