James River Water Project

Project Summary

The James River Water Project (JRWP) was originally envisioned in 1995 by Louisa and Fluvanna Counties as the best solution to providing a long term and sustainable water supply to the two Counties.  The JRWP will reduce the reliance on ground water and allow the Counties to achieve their growth and economic development potentials.  In 2009, Louisa and Fluvanna Counties formed the James River Water Authority (Authority).  The Authority will act as a wholesale supplier of Raw Water to each of the Counties and will construct and operate a Raw Water Intake and Pump Station on the James River. 

In 2013, Timmons Group formed a Design-Build team consisting of Faulconer Construction Company and MEB Contractors as the Builders with Timmons Group as the Designer.  The Faulconer/Timmons Group/MEB team has proposed to implement the James River Water Project following the guidelines of the Virginia Private-Public Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act (PPEA).    

The JRWP will be implemented in four sub projects as follows:

Owned and operated by the Authority:
Project 1:  River Water Intake and Pump Station
Construct River water intake and pump station located near the Town of Columbia.
Includes stainless steel wedge wire intake screens and multi-stage vertical turbine pumps
Initial Capacity:  6 MGD / Ultimate Capacity:  12 MGD

Owned and operated by Louisa County:
Project 2:  Raw Water Pipeline
Construct 70,000 LF of 24” water main to deliver flow to a new treatment plant located near Ferncliff, VA. 

Project 3:  Water Treatment Plant
Construct treatment plant utilizing Super Pulsator (SuperP) sludge blanket clarifiers followed by Membrane Filtration. Also included are a 5 million gallon pre-settling basin and a 2 million gallon finished water clearwell tank.   
Initial Capacity:  2 MGD / Ultimate Capacity:  8 MGD

Project 4:  Finished Water Distribution and Storage
Construct 8,000 LF of 20” and 31,250 LF of 16” water main to deliver water to the Zion Crossroads service area and potentially Fluvanna County.
Construct a 500,000 gallon Waterspheriod® Elevated Water Tank 

Future phases of construction may include the interconnection of additional service areas that will be served by the Water Treatment Plant.