Project Summary

InForest enables landowners and foresters to better manage their properties by offering various mapping tools and calculators, including way-point creation and nutrient runoff estimation. The InForest  application’s design was completed in partnership with VDOF (Virginia Department Of Forestry) through a cycle of brainstorming and wire-frames. Development was completed by Timmons Group, leveraging the calculation services provided by Virginia Tech. 

For more information on this project, contact Lowell Ballard.


  • Ecosystem Services Calculator: The application has three main calculation work-flows: Carbon Sequestered in a Forest Stand, Nutrient and/or Sediment Runoff, and Nutrient Offset for the Virginia Nutrient Trading Program.  By filling out these easy to use forms, users can access a wealth of planning tools and quickly assess impacts of land-use change.
  • Waypoint Tool: Users can generate a set of random or grid gps points for easy field sampling. Results can be emailed to a mobile device for use in gps mapping.

  • PDF Reports: A landowner can easily generate pdf reports of their data including metric-tons of Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Runoff and potential nutrient credits.
  • Map Tools: The map page allows the user to draw, measure, view different data layers, and create pdf reports of their work.