GoHunt- Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Project Summary

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The GoHunt web application allows users to access valuable information relating to their hunting strategies. Users have the ability to obtain information utilizing the interactive map of the entire state. It allows users to locate specific production areas, hunting areas, and harvest statistics throughout the state.



Interactive Map - Users can utilize a revamped and intuitive interactive mapping application

Map Themes - Several focused map configurations were created to focus the user experience to topics of interest, such as big game, small game, and waterfowl

Search - By implementing a single search field that auto-completes the user’s query as they type, we were able to eliminate the need for complex search forms

What’s Nearby - We added the “what’s nearby” feature, to allow users to find production areas and private hunting lands within a customizable buffer

Zoom To My Location -  “My Location” offers the capability to enter GPS coordinates and zoom the map to a particular location of interest

Print - Users can print or save as a digital pdf