Arizona Wildfire Risk Assessment (AZ WRAP)

Project Summary

Timmons Group was chosen by Arizona State Forestry to develop their Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal (WRAP). This portal will leverage concepts from past wildfire risk portals hosted and supported by Timmons Group including CoWRAP (Colorado), TxWRAP (Texas), and SouthWRAP which contains Wildfire Risk Assessment portals for all 13 states within the Southern Group of State Foresters (SGSF). However, several key enhancements were featured in Arizona WRAP including the ability for users to access wildfire risk information on their mobile devices and a new and intuitive user interface. The AZ WRAP project was a complete ground-up rewrite of the previous wraps including performance / speed enhancements.

AZWRAP provides the public and wildfire professionals with a web-based and mobile responsive portal to educate themselves and assess the risk of wildfires in their area. This portal was developed with three main applications - the Public Viewer, Professional Viewer, and Communities-At-Risk Editor (CARE) portal. All applications leverage wildfire risk assessment data to varying degrees based on the user access level and permissions. Primary data sources include the outputs from the Westwide Risk Assessment (WWA) which included data products for all western states.

AZWRAP enables authorized users to define these communities and prioritize management activities based on relative risk to the state. The CARE portal allows trusted users to edit community polygon / boundaries in context with various outputs from the WWA effort.