Industrial Uses of Laser Scanning

Project Summary

Our industrial clients often call upon Timmons Group’s survey department to deploy one of our fleet of 3D Laser Scanners. Most recently, we have acquired a Leica ScanStation P40, known for its ultra-fast scan speeds (up to 1 million points/second) and high level of data quality (120m, max), the P40 3D scanner will allow for fewer setups and less scanning time. Scanning projects save man hours in comparison to conventional methods.

Often these clients and locations need to remain confidential. However, we’ve been given permission to feature a recent scanning job at Thomas Industrial Fabrication. They contracted with Timmons Group to perform 3-D laser scanning on a variety of projects. By scanning their work areas they have been able to save hundreds of man hours compared to the conventional tape measure method. They use the scan for a variety of tasks which range from clash detection to automated modeling. Thomas Industrial Fabrication has also used Leica TruView to send to clients that are out of state or country so they can view the work area.