I-295/Meadowville Road Interchange

Project Summary

Timmons Group worked with VDOT and Chesterfield County to develop design-build plans and bid documents for a new interchange on I-295. Interim and ultimate design plans included construction of the outer ramps, widening of Meadowville Road, two new traffic signals at the ramp intersections and auxiliary lanes on I-295 connecting the new ramps to existing Route 10.

Timmons Group designed this project for the County approximately 15 years ago in an effort to land an economic development prospect for Meadowville Technology Park. Survey and preliminary designs were completed and Commonwealth Transportation Board approval was received within nine months of notice to proceed. The NEPA document (categorical exclusion) and environmental permits were secured; however, when the prospect failed to materialize, the project was put on the shelf. In 2010, through a combination of County, State and Federal funds, the project was brought back to life and is currently under construction.