Cityworks® Enterprise Asset Management System Implementation (Town of Herndon VA)

Project Summary

The Town of Herndon, Department of Public Works (DPW) engaged Timmons Group with the implementation of an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM). Azteca’s Cityworks® software was selected to manage and maintain the Town’s data. The implementation consisted of the following divisions within Public Works:  Facilities, Grounds, Streets, Water, Sewer, Right-of-Way and Traffic. Each division participated in Business Process Analysis and Improvements which lead to a more successful and efficient configuration and implementation of the Cityworks Software.

The Cityworks applications currently utilized by the Town include Cityworks Desktop, Cityworks Anywhere, DataPump and the Citizen Request Portal. Due to the fact that the Town of Herndon is a geographically small area, the divisions often work side by side assisting one another to ensure efficient and timely work completion. The Cityworks asset management system has enabled each division to track their work so as to determine the total cost of work performed for other internal divisions.

Cityworks has also enabled the tracking of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) work that is completed by the Town employees for the purpose of reimbursement.

The Town decided to structure their Cityworks project into three phases once the system was “live”. The first phase consists of data entry inside Cityworks for both Service Requests and Work Order by Town Data Entry Operators. The purchase of laptops in the second phase of the project eliminated the need for hard copy print outs of both service requests and work orders and utilized DataPump, a disconnected version of Cityworks, in the field. The final or third phase introduced wireless hubs at locations throughout the Town where the Town employees perform their work within their vehicles directly to the live Cityworks Production Database.

Final development for the Town of Herndon was the use of the Citizen Request Portal which will be utilized by the citizens of the Town.  Timmons Group developed a Citizen Request Portal that utilizes the Cityworks Problem Types, along with the configured defaults within Cityworks. This assists the Town by ensuring the individual problems are directed to the correct divisions within the Department.

The Town of Herndon and Timmons Group began this project in September of 2007 and took the Cityworks System live in May of 2008.  Timmons Group is providing upgrades to the system.

In 2012 the Timmons Group upgraded the Town of Herndon from Cityworks Desktop to Cityworks Server AMS. This work also included the implementation of Cityworks Server PLL for Community Development.