City of Hampton Annual Contract for Water Resources Engineering Services

Project Summary

In 2014, the City of Hampton selected Timmons Group for an annual contract for water resources engineering design services. The scope of the contract covers a broad range of services including studies, design and construction document preparation for stormwater, BMP, and other infrastructure improvements and tidal flood and shoreline protection projects.

In addition to performing the above services, the City tasked Timmons Group with providing both on-site and remote staff augmentation to bolster their team while understaffed. From April through October of 2016, Our Contract Manager (Liz Scheessele) managed multiple programs including, but not limited to: regional water quality monitoring, industrial inspections, and MS4 stormwater data collection; providing coordination for MS4 TMDL Action and Program Plans; and providing assistance to Public Works Stormwater Operations while acting as the City VSMP and ESC Program Administrator.

Timmons Group has assisted the City of Hampton with development of their Stormwater Management Inspection and Enforcement Manual and aided the City in the development and implementation of an on-call construction BMP maintenance contract. We also conducted staff training on ESC and SWM construction inspections for Hampton staff and their on-call construction inspectors. Timmons Group has the capability to register appropriate training sessions for professional development credit.

Additional tasks have included:

  • Hampton Road Center Parkway Rain Garden
  • Old Northampton Drainage Area Improvements Phase 3 – Langley Avenue
  • Winchester Drive Stream Restoration This
  • Merrimack Elementary Constructed Wetland
  • Kecoughtan Road BMP Retrofit