City of Fairfax, Virginia Stormwater Support Program

Project Summary

Timmons Group is working with the City of Fairfax to examine all of its existing stormwater management policies and procedures and update them to be consistent with the requirements of the revised Virginia Stormwater Management Program regulations.  With City funds and grant funding Timmons Group secured for the City from the Department of Environmental Quality, we reviewed all existing stormwater related materials, developed a draft stormwater management ordinance and draft staffing and funding plan, and provided program support to complete updates identified in an Implementation Plan for the City of Fairfax. 

The City’s Draft Stormwater Management Ordinance was presented to City Council and was approved for adoption effective in July, 2014, fully compliant with the revised Virginia Stormwter Management Regulations.

Timmons Group has also recently worked with the City to evaluate their MS4 Program.  As a regulated small MS4 Operator, the City was required to evaluate their program during the previous permit term using the “Municipal Stormwater Program Evaluation Guidance,” published by the Environmental Protection Agency EPA 833 R 07 003.  Timmons Group performed the evaluation in close coordination with City staff. The work included a review of annual reports, interviews with multiple City staff, field inspections, and a program assessment. Timmons Group has inspected over 360 public and private stormwater BMP facilities annually over the past three years.

Timmons Group was recently awarded an on-call contract with the City to provide additional stormwater compliance and engineering and general civil design consulting services.