Mike Naulty, LS

Land Surveying, Tri-Cities

Mike Naulty, LS

Mike Naulty manages the firm’s Land Surveying practice in the Tri-Cities office located in Prince George County, Virginia.  Mike has more than 40 years of experience in the surveying profession and has the talent and versatility to provide professional land surveyor services on projects of various sizes and complexities. He is known for combining traditional boundary locating methods with modern electronic data systems to ensure accuracy. His experience includes project calculations to support field crews, topographic surveys, construction staking, route and boundary surveys, property research, plat development, and FEMA floodplain elevation certifications.

Mike lives in Hopewell with his son, Nick. He also has two daughters, Heather and Haley, and three granddaughters.  He enjoys spending time with his family, watching sporting events and playing fantasy football.


  • Favorite movie?  Rudy
  • Where did you grow up?  Hopewell, Virginia, but I was born in Wurzburg, Germany
  • Something about you many people don’t know?  I used to be a fantasy football analyst, The Guru, on WHAP, Fox Sports 1340, in Hopewell, Virginia
  • Your first job?  Greens keeper at Fort Lee Golf Course
  • Favorite vacation destination?  The Outer Banks, North Carolina