Lowell Ballard

Director of Geospatial Solutions

Lowell Ballard

Lowell Ballard has led the Geospatial Solutions Division since 2009. He is a recognized leader in the integration of geospatial and traditional information technologies and GIS Strategic Planning.  Lowell is a regular contributing author in a national publication and has been profiled by Esri as an industry expert. Lowell works with clients across numerous markets on strategic planning and visioning and implementation of strategies to increase efficiency, realize ROI and maximize investments in geospatial technologies.

Lowell is excited about the numerous awards and recognition his clients and team have received including an Honor Award by the US Forest Service Chief, a NASCIO, York Region’s (Canada) Special Achievement in GIS and numerous Esri awards.  The growth of his group has allowed for development of many new mobile and desktop applications, and technological achievements in spatial integration.

As a Virginia native, Lowell lives in the Richmond area with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys tennis, golfing and eating out-of-the-ordinary cuisine. Lowell also enjoys traveling with his family to places like New York City and the South Carolina beaches.


  • Words you live by? Don’t worry about what you can’t control.
  • Favorite restaurant? John’s Pizza in NYC
  • Music you’re currently listening to?  I’ve been on an (early) Metallica and Grateful Dead kick lately
  • A favorite project you’ve worked on? Any strategic plan and most recently York Region Canada, Missouri Department of Conservation and Virginia DEQ
  • Favorite movie? Anything zombie related