Dave Anderson, PE, AICP

Planning and Development Services, Richmond

Dave Anderson, PE, AICP

Dave Anderson is an instrumental part in Timmons Group’s land development practice serving land developers, landowners, and municipalities looking to develop their properties. Dave’s diverse background started with twenty years designing and envisioning master-planned communities, single and multi-family subdivisions and rezonings. He has worked for the past several years as a private land developer, responsible for visioning, design, and construction of commercial, residential, and mixed-use projects.

His diverse background, both as a developer and as a consultant to those who develop, helps him provide unparalleled service in developing land, from initial concepts and master plans to final plats and building construction.

Dave is married to Catharine and they have three teen girls, Claire, Olivia, and Hailey. Dave lives in Midlothian and enjoys time with his family, his faith, and his Hokies.


  • Music you are currently listening to? Lauren Daigle, Mercy Me, My Kids – music is constantly coming out of our kids’ mouths and instruments at home.
  • Dream vacation destinations? Already had it – Sedona/Grand Canyon/Zion canyon. Highly recommend. Also, Alaska Cruise and the Tuscan region of Italy are on the bucket list.
  • A favorite project you’ve worked on? Planning and visioning projects are particularly special since they often come with moments where you see the results of the vision in the excitement of our clients’ faces. Particularly fond of Bellgrade (one of my first) and the Boulevard.
  • Something about you many people don’t know? I was Virginia Tech’s Intramural Squash Champion in 1986. I am still signing autographs to this day.
  • Favorite meal is? Hanover tomato sandwich in August. Really. Is there anything better?