Data Insights

Data insights simplify the mess of big data into consumable communication for all categories of stakeholders, from the everyday end user to managers and decision-makers. The tools, which include charts, graphs, and maps based on real-time data, create an interactive experience used to solve complex business problems in intuitive and elegant ways. These tools can be displayed in a functional and visually appealing dashboard allowing anyone to access, and most importantly, understand data.

Our data analytics team configures the most effective tools for each client’s unique need, resulting in improved decision-making processes and a higher return on investment.


Data Insights Services:
Dashboard Development
Discover trends across visualizations, and drill down into deeper insights with the implementation of dashboards.
Data Governance / Stewardship
Manage the availability, integrity and security of your data. Data governance defines stewardship roles and procedures within you organization to ensure data is consistent and trustworthy.
Open Data Portals
Allow internal and external users to have an easily accessible point of access to your data.
Predictive Algorithms
Use historic data to make predictions or forecast future events with a measure of probability. Leverage data mining and machine learning techniques.
Data Insights
Analyze your data for patterns and trends to create meaningful stories and strategies for your organization.
Operational Intelligence
Use real-time data to gain insight into your data, and better manage your operations.

For more information on our data insights services or to request a demo, please reach out to Chris Gerecke, Director of Enterprise Solutions at