Land Planning

Timmons Group presents incomparable expertise in land planning for commercial, residential and mixed-use projects. Our land planning team works with our private development clients in the critical early stages of the land development process to maximize the value and vision of complex projects.

While focusing on what is possible for a development, our team provides planning services rooted in financially feasible viability and market sensibility. Because of our extensive in-house expertise in all areas of design, including utility and transportation infrastructure, economic development and environmental design, we are able to consider important design issues early in the process. The result is a project that works for both the community it serves and the developer who builds it.

Our service to the public sector is writing and enhancing long-range planning tools like comprehensive plans, neighborhood plans and ordinances.  We understand both the goals of localities and the development community, and as a result can provide meaningful neighborhood plans that are both aspirational and achievable.

Whether working for our public or private sector clients, we believe the land planning process is key to supporting our design philosophy on creating places that enhance quality of life, support the environment, and boost the overall economy.

Land Planning Services:

  • Land Use Analysis
  • Zoning & Entitlement Leadership
  • Master Planning & Visioning
  • Site Evaluation and Infrastructure Planning
  • Visualization & Animation Services
  • Area Plan/Comprehensive Plan Services
  • Public Engagement