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“Without a firm understanding of where your GIS program is – it’s impossible to effectively utilize our RoadMap for a successful future. Understanding and managing the gap between the “now” and the “future” is fundamental for all organizations.” 

Lowell Ballard - Principal, Director of Geospatial Solutions



For over 20 years, Timmons Group has diligently worked with clients from local, private, State and Federal institutions to understand how best to leverage strategic planning through our custom GIS RoadMap process. We will carefully inspect your business and work to understand your current conditions as well as your future success.  From there we help you define a target goal and vision for the future. Once we collectively articulate your current and target goals - we identify the gaps and create a phased implementation plan that fits both your budget and timelines. Strategic and Implementation Planning are the critical first step for any organization looking to create or advance their GIS capabilities.


Don't Get Lost Without Your RoadMap