Rail Surveying Services

As one of the largest civil engineering firms in Virginia, Timmons Group has applied our expertise to establish a specialized process for working on rail projects throughout the region. Leveraging our past Class 1 experiences and our current transit system work, Timmons Group has added Amberg trolley systems to our robust set of tools for rail surveying applications.

Our Rail Survey team of professionals can perform a wide range of rail related tasks including surveying existing rail alignment conditions, clearance surveys, and track construction for ballasted and slab track applications. Our Amberg trolley systems can provide in-depth existing condition surveys of tracks and a wide range of clearance situations. Our systems can provide data in real-time and on-site to provide up to the minute data to assist our clients to make the best workflow decisions. In addition, our systems have integrated laser scanning capabilities and a unique adaptation to work with industry leading top-down track installation systems. Our construction adapted system can improve slab-track installation time for the track installer up to 300% as well as reduce shim use by up to 75%. Our system also provides real time tamping reports with the ability to provide integrated tamping files for most major tamping systems.


Rail Surveying Services:

  • Track Monitoring
  • Track Alignment Surveys
  • Clearances
  • Overhead Contact Systems
  • Laser Scanning
  • Track Construction 
  • Real-time Track Construction and Tamper Support
  • Real-time Platform Clearance Surveys 
  • Post Construction As-built Surveys 
  • GIS Asset Inventory Mapping
  • Corridor Mapping
  • LIDAR/Photogrammetric Ground Control Mapping
  • High Definition 3D Laser Scanning 
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) / Investigations
  • UAV/UAS Aerial Mapping
  • GPS Surveying Services
  • ALTA/ACSM Surveys
  • Right of Way Mapping / Route Surveys
  • Environmental Surveys
  • Land Development Surveys
  • Construction Staking / Post Construction As-Built Locations
  • Data Preparation for Machine Control
  • Topographic, Hydrographic, and Locations Surveys
  • Horizontal and Vertical Control Networks