Transportation Engineering & Planning

Timmons Group provides transportation planning and engineering services for public and private sector clients. Our goal is to design infrastructure networks that provide safe and convenient access to local communities.

We focus on three primary aspects of surface transportation: (1) multimodal planning and operations, (2) traffic engineering design, and (3) roadway design.

Multimodal planning and operations is the analysis and modeling of networks, with an emphasis on intersections. Typical projects include corridor studies, access management, traffic impact studies, capacity analysis, and Highway Safety Improvement Projects (HSIP).

Traffic engineering design involves preparing design plans and implementation schedules for intersection treatments. Typical projects include traffic calming, isolated and coordinated signal systems, roundabout design and construction plans, transportation management plans, and work zone traffic control.

Roadway design projects are isolated intersections, corridors, and combinations of the two. We often integrate other services to support our transportation infrastructure projects: hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, stormwater management, environmental permitting and compliance, utility coordination and design, public involvement, and construction administration.


Transportation Planning & Design Services:

  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Planning – Complete Streets
  • Real-Time Adaptive Traffic Signal Controls
  • Roundabouts & Alternative Intersection/Interchange Designs
  • Traffic Simulation & Modeling
  • Work Zone Traffic Control & Safety
  • Right-of-Way and Acquisition/Permitting