Data Development

Our professional services group is highly trained at converting your existing data to robust spatial data that will support your defined business needs. We use best-of-breed data conversion and quality assurance tools including Esri Production Mapping. Timmons Group has over decades of experience converting paper to digital, CADD and other formats to robust GIS database features. Our full range of data services includes source data creation via digitizing, scanning, geo-referencing, and interpolation all backed by advanced quality control techniques.

Timmons Group's Collector for ArcGIS RoadMap 
Collector is a COTS application (app) from Esri that provides easy to use mobile data collection and validation that integrates directly with your ArcGIS. Collector is simple to use but does requires some setup knowledge and experience for new users, that’s where Timmons Group comes in!  We’ll simplify it for you.  We’ll provide the ArcGIS Collector RoadMap consulting service to get your mobile work force started quickly and efficiently.   The ArcGIS Collector RoadMap includes the setup, data configuration, work processes, and training necessary for users to successfully implement Collector for ArcGIS.   Once trained, we expect our clients to be able to configure, deploy, and use Collector for ArcGIS to their users to support specific business needs.

For more information, please contact Lowell Ballard with any questions.