Cloud and Managed Services

Cloud Strategy
Our comprehensive cloud migration framework is driven by proven, consistent methods. These methods empower us to not just merely to solve clients’ technical problems more quickly and cost-effectively, but also to help them introduce new services and solutions with minimal business risk.

  • Migration discovery and analysis
  • Migration strategy – Mergers and acquisitions, modernization, DevOps transformation, and new solutions
  • Migration planning
  • Migration execution  

Cloud Architecture/Design
Timmons Group Cloud Architecture/Design Services provides clients with a comprehensive technical strategy, architecture, and roadmap. Equipped with an achievable plan and working design along with a proof of concept, you will be positioned to realize the benefits of:

  • High-availability architectures
  • Multi-deployment environment architectures (e.g. Development, Test, UAT, Staging, Production)
  • Hybrid architectures
  • Serverless architectures

Timmons Group offers services to support DevOps adoption in your organization through consulting and implementation of practices that align with your unique needs and opportunities. Many of our solutions and recommendations are based on our experiences collaborating with clients and operating our own solutions for customers. By implementing and supporting key practices, we help teams streamline their release process leading to increased productivity, confidence in releases and resilient solutions that are adaptable, reliable and very cost efficient.

  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Infrastructure as Code (Iac)
  • Monitoring, Logging and Automated Responses
  • Communication and Collaboration

Managed Cloud Services
For clients who prefer to focus on their business objectives rather than IT operations, Timmons Group’s Managed Cloud Services provide cost effective and efficient operations in Cloud infrastructure.


Timmons Group is proud to be recognized as an AWS Select Consulting Partner & as a Public Sector Partner.